outdoor dog kennel

outdoor dog kennel
Lucky Dog Uptown Welded Wire Kennel
Every home wants to have a good dog and all the dogs want to be in good homes. Keeping this idea in mind, the lucky dog always creates the best dog products. A lucky dog provides you with the best dog accessories and dog kennels to keep your dog happy and safe with you. This helps in giving protection to your dog when you are not at home.
The safety and protection of your pet is the key and the main purpose of all the dog’s related product being developed in the company. Other than this, they are now more environmental responsible in the production processes of their products.
Key features
Following mentioned are the key features of this outdoor dog kennel:
Easily cleanable
The kennel has got raised legs to which it becomes easy to clean the kennel and easier it is to remove the waste from it.
High-quality welds
The kennel is made of stainless steel welds that are of high quality and they have got smooth edges this is why they are safer to hold. The complete kennel is covered with powder coating this is why it has a long life free from deterioration and rusting.
Lock gate and easy latch
The kennel gate functions smoothly. It opens and closes easily. The gate’s latch is there to close the gate firmly so that your dog may not get out of the kennel without your permission. You can use a padlock to lock the latch.
Easily assembled
The kennel is very easy to assemble. It needs no extra tools for its assembling. Moreover, it has a modular welded wire design panel that connects the hardware setup and assembles the breeze.
Modular design
The cage has a sturdier link chain which makes its positioning better. The modular design of the kennel makes its position of the gates and panels according to your choice.
No time wastage
When you are setting up the kennel, you need no extra time to set it up. Panels are so easily clamped together that only one person could assemble the cage easily.
Water-resistant cover
The cage has a steel roofing which is all completely covered with a water-resistant layering. This is why you don’t need to worry if you have left your dog’s kennel outside in the rain. The kennel always remains protective of snow and sun as well. For pets like escape artists, this kennel will really work well.
This is most probably the best kennel ever have been introduced. You can use this kennel to a puppy, a dog, or a small animal too. The kennel has a length of 8 inches due to which dogs can easily stay inside with comfort. Your pet is surely gonna love the kennel because it’s safe and comfortable.
So don’t waste time and if you have a pet at your home, get this kennel for it to make your pet live with peace and comfort in the cage.

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