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insulated dog house

insulated dog house
Depending on where you live, having a properly insulated dog house can be a godsend. A good dog house that remains your dog safe and protected from the elements should be a main concern if you truly care about them. While most dogs are very comfortable with staying outdoors, they aren’t immune to weather conditions.
Love the insulated dog house. We needed something off the ground since we rarely get water up on the porch and didn’t want our dog sleeping in a wet bed. This dog house appears well-built, the roofing pebbles top is not only classy but functional, and the lifting lid is much appreciated by yourself and other house mates so that you don’t need to crawl into the dog house to change out the bedding. Your dog took to it immediately.
The bottom of the dog house is slatted so there is an opportunity for venting, that would be great on hot days, and you just slap a bed down over it as soon as you get the dog house though. The dyed wood is elegant and the white trim is very classy. It was a breeze to put together and is strong enough to handle the rough spinning and clumsiness of your big silly loving dog.

Product description
Size: Medium/40.8? X 26? X 27.6?
Color: Light Grey
Wood: natural cedar Paint: water-based paint Roof: asphalt roofing Outer dimension: S: 33.7L X 22.6W X 22.9H; M: 40.8L X 26W X 27.6H; L: 45.6L X 30.9W X 32.1H NOTE: Take photo of the damaged part and send the photo to seller
Designs and Functions:

Treated with WATER-BASED paint this is safer for your pet. 2. Wine Red and white trim. 3. Off-center door provides increased shelter and more space for turning around. 4. Small size can hold most small dogs but medium and large size can hold medium dogs like golden retriever. 5. Easy to arrange with just a few steps.
Warranty: 1. Pets fit hold to Return Policy. 2. Within 30 days, if any quality problems came, we will take full responsibility. 3. Attention: Please measure your pet and check the INNER DIMENSION before purchase.
Roof can be opened; bottom floor can be removed for easier cleaning.
INNER SIZE: 36.6?LX22.3?WX22?H.
It is very easily assemble with pre-drilled hole
This is weather proof dog house keep your pet from rain, snow and sun.
It includes the door flap, interior dimension and door dimension.

When you will setting up the pieces to make sure you have everything as you are a little concerned that they might be too flimsy, but once the whole thing is put together it feels very sturdy. It was very easy to put together, it took me less than an hour. You just hold the sides up to the front or back and screw them in from the side into the pilot holes, then add the fourth side and screw that in too.
Attach the extra feet into the two support rails for the bottom, rotate in the rails, and then drop in the three piece floor. The hardest part was putting on the roof. It’s a tongue-and-groove connection to the back of the house on a hinged piece (the hinges are pre-installed) and it’s pretty heavy, so you may face a little trouble getting that piece to stay where it needed to be so you should slide it in.
If you have someone helping you it would be easy. You shouldn’t bother with the pieces that secure the roof to the house for holding the roof upright because it’s not really necessary. The roof is already secure because of the way it’s slotted into the back and you can just hold it open with one hand while you remove bedding with the other. Other than a couple of minutes trying to make sure which way the roof is supposed to slant (toward the back) you can sail through this like it is nothing.

Cos& Pros:
You can buy this for cats you are taking care of, and they’ll all easily fit inside with room left over for a doghouse heater. The adjustable feet are very helpful in leveling as well. It comes with a beautiful light whitewash, but you will repaint it with exterior paint to help it last longer. With a soft bed and enough room for water and food bowls is available in this insulated dog house.

The drawbacks are that there are slight gaps in the floor, in any case, the feet will fend off it from dampness and a cushion on the floor should shield an excessive amount of cold air from leaking in. You can’t get hinges installed easily. The only thing remaining to be seen is how well it will keep out rain, but you can put a lantern inside and didn’t see any light from the outside, so it appears to be pretty tightly assembled.
Reasons you should invest in insulated dog house
Here are three reasons you should consider before investing in an insulated dog house:
Protects from Extreme Temperature
Whether you are dealing with intense heat or extreme cold, proper insulation is important. A properly insulated dog house will allow temperatures inside the dog house to be more constant, preventing the uneasiness that comes with intense changes in weather.
Insulated Dog Houses tend to be more Stylish
Insulated dog houses are typically top of the line. Most insulated dog house models are made from hardwood like cedar and are very beautiful and elegant.
Noise Cancelling
One of the benefits of insulated dog house is that they stop some of the noise as well, making for a more peaceful night.

What is my opinion?
This insulated dog house is awesome. It came quickly, had all the hardware, had very easy congregation directions, and went together in an hour. I could have accumulated it faster, but I was very conscious and took my time. It is really beautiful.

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