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Dog door for sliding glass door

Dog door for sliding glass door
The Catwalk and Dog walk ranges of pet doors like dog door for sliding glass door have been designed to eliminate problems commonly associated with other brands of pet doors. These problems have included broken flaps, noisy flaps, broken locking dials and flaps with openings too small to accommodate larger cats. With its extensive range there is a pet door to suit every application, whether it is required for a wall, door or glass installation. If you are concerned about unwanted pets intruding into your home, then the Catwalk multi magnetic could be the solution. These are maintenance free as they do not require batteries and are available in wood fitting and glass fitting models.
This door would work fine to keep out unwanted cats, but anything with the dexterity of a raccoon can get through. The problem is that the magnetic catch only works for the in swing. Raccoons can grab and pull the door open, if they’re clever enough. It took my local raccoon 3 days to figure it out, and now it might as well be a normal cat door. The only way to seal them out with this item is to lock it down completely, which you can of course do with a regular cat door.

Also, the door needs a hole cut an inch more than should be necessary due to inefficient screw and mechanism placement. Wouldn’t be a problem, but I was using an existing hole made for a more efficient door, and had to modify the housing and the screw holes to get it to fit (which the designers of this item could and should have done). Here we describe briefly about product dog door for sliding glass door.
Product description
Four way locking system -Generous flap 195x 185mm (7 1/4?X 7 11/16?) -Supplied with full weather seal on flap -Automatic magnetic flap positioning. Molded feather edge is for seal to minimize the effects of weather. Easy to fit using 4 x screws -Self Lining -UV stabilized -Security feature -Smooth quiet action.
All stainless steel screws.
Seals against flat glass panels.
Self draining condensate outlet.
No external screws for security.
Fits glass panels up to 28mm (1 3/16?).
It is environmentally friendly (may be recycled) .
Virtually unbreakable & Poly-carbonate construction
No cavity feature, prevents dirt getting trapped in glass windows
Cut hole cut size 267mm (10 1/2”) diameter for glass.
Pet-Tek glass fitting cat doors are designed for glass panels 3mm to 28mm (1/8” to 1 1/16”).
It has 3 Year Warranty.
Flap Size is 195mm x 185mm (7 ¼ inch X 7 11/16 inch) but overall size is 304mm diameter (11.97inch).

Generous door size to suit all cat sizes & small dogs up to approximately 14? shoulder height
4 way locking system: in, out, in/out and locked
Manufacturer from Polycarbonate UV stabilized / virtually indestructible
Supplied with full weather seal to reduce drafts and enable smooth, quite action
Automatic flap positioning

You can pull out a basement window and replace it with a cut piece of Plexiglas. You will cut a hole in the Plexiglas with a Dremmel and cutting disk, one for the cat door and one for a dryer vent. I should mention that this is the multi-magnetic model for glass installation. It is made to be mounted through thin material. If you are going to mount it on Plexi glass or just through 1 thickness of drywall, get this type.

Also, be sure you get the one you want. They have different standard magnetic and multi-magnetic models of dog door for sliding glass door. The standard magnetic models of this door do not lock out other animals; they only have a magnet to help the door close. It’s a standard cat door, really. They even have a clear model for glass installation, but it is NOT multi-magnetic (will not lock out critters without a magnet key).

I cannot say surely it is completely raccoon proof but it might be possible for a raccoon to get his little fingers under and behind the door and open the door outwards. However, I do think you will do no better than this product, unless you pay $39.99 for a “power pet” door. Certainly, it should keep out stray cats.
I would not recommend using a “safety collar” that breaks away, cats always lose those things.
As my cat lost his collar and magnet when it was raining and I am certain he tried with all his might to get in. We found him outside, soaking wet when we came home.

Make sure you cut the hole big enough, don’t try to wedge it into an opening that binds or it will not close properly. I also had to trim a tiny bit of the weather-strip by the top sides of the door so that it would not stick slightly open. The door states to be made of a super strong plastic. It seems like good plastic, but the major reason this door does not break like cheaper doors is the design. The hinge is beefier than other cat doors.

Installing a pet door into glass must be done by a glass specialist as cutting holes in glass can be both hazardous and costly, if not done by a glass professional. You must not try to cut a hole in either toughened glass or double glazed glass because of their special properties. For these types of glass the hole must be cut prior to manufacture. No screw holes are required in the glass as the screws are connected to both the internal and external sections within the cut out area.
What is my opinion?
This dog door for sliding glass door is best pet door ever. I love this door but there is always afraid will remain that your pets going to get strangled from jumping up and deciding to go backwards instead and deciding not to go through.

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