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Bark collar for small dogs

bark collar for small dogs
This product is a completely humane and safe barking solution for your loving dog. Your dog may be habitual of barking whenever someone crosses by or even just because of a gust of wind. The reason could be anything but your dog and you need the solution. There are a lot of dog bark collars that are available in the market. Those collars work on the functioning of electric shocks to the dog which automatically stops their barking. But the method which Elecane uses is less painful and effective for the long term as well. It’s a quick way and remains effective for the long term. It has 7 basic levels of the collection which keep on increasing until your dog stops barking.
The first level of the correction is only the warning for the dog and once it starts working your dog will eventually stop barking.
For smaller yappers too
Most of the time, the loudest pets are the tiniest breeds. This collar design more specifically is for the tiny breeds of dogs and the other small breeds. The collar can be adjusted according to the neck size of the. Dog. The sizes available are normally between 6 to 24’’ and the weight reaches to maximum of 120lbs but minimum its 7.
The added benefit is that the dogs can also wear this collar while they are sleeping.
This collar has its latest 2019 model which has even more added features and benefits. It has an additional chip that prevents fake triggers if another dog barks nearby. So it gets activated when there is vibration in your dog’s throat rather than from noise.
Key features
Following mentioned are the key features of this bark collar for small dogs:
Rainproof and Rechargeable
Now there are no more battery issues and no more malfunction would happen because of the falling rain. The collar is rechargeable and it can be recharged using a USB. The normal charging time is 90 minutes. You can use the collar for your dog for about two weeks once after charging.
100 percent satisfaction
You would certainly want a collar for your dog which guarantees you complete satisfaction. This collar comes with a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with it.
Product details
This collar is specially designed for the small barkers. Those barkers included all those who have their neck sizes within range 6-24.
The collar is completely safe to use as your dog doesn’t have to bear any electric shocks. It is designed for small dogs on the principle of small vibrations. This is how your dog will learn good behaviors.
Other dog bark collars may get triggered on other dogs barking but this collar has no such false trigger. Rather the chip presented in it helps in triggering only when there is vibration in the dog’s throat
It comes with a 1-year warranty
If you have a small pet in your dog who barks excessively but you want to it to remain safe from the electric shocks as well, you should get this collar.

Important information
Seller Warranty Description :
1 Year Warranty

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